All information regarding policies and prize money is subject to change. Adverse Weather / Admissions may affect prize money. All prize money and policies are subject to Manager’s discretion.

Our Company’s full detailed Terms & Conditions can be found on display in the Reception area of each of our Clubs.


At Castle Leisure we pride ourselves on our customer service. In the unfortunate event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, please contact your club General Manager who will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

If you are not satisfied after discussing the matter with your General Manager, please write to Lisa Morgan our Chief Operating Officer at:

Castle Leisure Ltd
1 City Road
CF24 4TQ

In the event that the matter is a gambling related issue and has still not been resolved to your satisfaction you have the right to refer the matter to:

Independent Betting Adjudication Service
PO Box 62939
London EC3P 3AS
Telephone: 020 7347 5883
Fax: 020 7347 5882