Visit any Castle Bingo club and become a member today for FREE! Joining only takes a few minutes and our friendly staff are there to help you every step of the way. You will be issued with your membership card. Look after your membership card – you will need it if you win!

You will be given a Golden ticket, keep it safe! If you are unsure of anything during your first visit place your Golden Ticket on the edge of the table or place your hand in the air and a member of staff will come over and assist you.

Players must be over the age of 18 to join. Please note – we operate a Think! 21 policy, so if you are lucky enough to look under the age of 21, remember to bring along photographic ID such as a valid UK Driver’s license or a Passport.


How to play:

Paper Bingo

Purchase your bingo books from the Booksales department then take a seat and wait for the fun to begin!

The caller will let you know the name of the game, the colour of the ticket and whether you’re playing for one line, two lines or a full house.

All 90 numbers appear on your ticket, so you won’t miss a number! Numbers are written in columns: single digits in the first column, teens in the next column, twenties in the next column and so on.

If you win, give a big shout to let the caller know! Call out whatever you like ‘HOUSE!’ ‘YES!’ ‘BINGO!’ and raise your hand in the air so our team can find you.

Once your claim has been checked and validated a member of our team will bring your prize to you at your seat!

Electronic Bingo

We are proud to offer our members the very best in bingo technology!

Instead of marking numbers on a paper ticket, you can use a digital pen to tap numbers off or use the ‘Auto Dab’ feature on a digital, hand-held ‘eCUB.’ This method couldn’t be more straight-forward; it’s perfect for beginners!

You can buy your bingo books, play slots and play mini-cash games all from your eCUB!

With an eCUB you can play multiple tickets at any one time – giving you even more chances to win!!

More Bingo Games

You also have the option to play any of these games when you visit!

Mini Cash Bingo (MCB)

50p and £1 ‘mini-cash’ games are played in between the main bingo pages, giving you even more chances to take home a cash prize! Also known as ‘interval games.’

Link Mini Cash Games

All the Castle clubs link together for a game of Mini Cash giving you the chance to win BIG prize money!

National and National Live Games

Hundreds of Bingo Clubs across the country join together to play one game with BIG prizes!

The National Game is where a £5000 Jackpot is played for every Afternoon and a £20,000 Jackpot is played for every evening. However, if you call on a lucky Star you could win the jackpot bonus of up to £250,000!

The National Live game is a Mini Cash Bingo (MCB) game played twice a day between hundreds of Bingo Clubs across the country with prize money up to £30,000!

BOOST 45 Jackpot

This Big Money game is exclusive to Castle!

All you have to do is call HOUSE on the number 45 to take away the C45TLE Jackpot prize! This is to play for on every afternoon and every evening session. Could you be our next winner taking home:

One line – £10,000

Two lines – £20,000

Full House – £45,000





Gaming Machines

All our clubs have dedicated gaming machine areas with the newest and most popular games on offer.

We offer Ticket in, Ticket out (TITO) machines in our machine areas. TITO is a solution for inserting, printing and redeeming tickets from machine to machine.

How does TITO Work?

  • Players insert cash into the gaming machine and begin to play
  • When the player is ready for a break or wants to finish, they press COLLECT and a ticket is printed with the collected credit amount.
  • This ticket is then either:

a) Inserted into another TITO machine via the bill acceptor for continued play OR

b) Redeemed for cash at a cash redemption machine or cashier station.

Our dedicated machine staff are always available in the areas to assist you.

We hope you enjoy your first visit at Castle Bingo and as always be lucky!