368 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AE

02920 454 510

Session Times

Weekday Afternoons
12.30Teaser Session
1.00Early Session
1.30Main Session
2.30National Live
2.35Main Session (2nd half)
3.15Late Session
Weekend Afternoons
1.00Teaser Session
1.30Early Session
2.00Main Session
2.30National Live
2.55Main Session (2nd half)
3.30Late Session
Every Evening
6.00Teaser Session
6.45Early Session
7.30Main Session
8.30National Live
8.35Main Session (2nd half)
9.30Late Session and CashPot


We are proud to offer our members the very best in bingo technology!

Instead of marking numbers on a paper ticket, you can use a digital pen to tap numbers off or use the ‘Auto Dab’ feature on a digital, hand-held ‘eCUB.’

This method couldn’t be more straight-forward; it’s perfect for beginners and experienced alike. You can buy your bingo books, play slots and play mini-cash games all from your eCUB!

With an eCUB you can play multiple tickets at any one time – giving you even more chances to win! Playing Gaming Machines is super easy and super fun on the eCUB. You can play for as little as 10p whilst you can win up to £500!

Still not sure how to use an eCUB? Then ask a member of staff in club who will be pleased to help you.