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General Manager:
Steve Hamley Lock

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April 2018 Highlights



Bank Holiday Monday 2nd April

Breakfast Session £5 with 4 x £50 houses guaranteed and a Free Breakfast

Afternoon bingo is just £5 for the in house books and Mega link.

Main session pays 10 x £10/£15/£100 with the Mega Link paying £250/£500/£2000


Tuesday Morning 63rd April

Club Diamond

Just £6 for the breakfast session and Cashpot.

All attending will receive a Free Hot Drink & Free Umbrella

There will also be Live Entertainment


Thursday Afternoon 12th April

Double main session house prize money no extra cost

The Main session pays 10 x £200 houses that’s an extra £1000 in prize money


Sunday Afternoon 15th April

It’s 10 for £10

For just £10 you’ll get all your books (excluding Cashpot) a Free Pen, Free Meal & Free Gift


Wednesday Afternoon 18th April

Quid’s in!

Teaser, Early, Main and Late just £1 each

Main session pays 6 x £10/£15/£5 and 4 x £10/£15/£100


Saturday Afternoon 21st April

Sensational Prize Money

Just £15.50 for all your bingo with the main session paying out 10 x £250 houses

That’s an extra £900 in prize money at no extra cost


Thursday Afternoon 26th April

£5 in House books (25% Saving from the normal cost)

Main Pays 10 x £100


Sunday Afternoon 29th April

12:30pm 3 page Link Game

Paying £2250 just £1 per set

Afternoon session is just £5 excluding National and Castle Extra with 6 x £50 and 4 x £100 houses


Monday Afternoon 30th April

All Winners Session

Bring your All Winners Voucher along with you to claim a Free Main Session Book or an Extra Set on eCUB.





Bank Holiday Monday 2nd April

£10 all in (excluding National and Castle Extra)

Treble chance main paying 6 x £20/£30/£100 and 4 x £30/£50/£300 coupled with £12,000 Mega Link


Wednesday Evening 4th April

£1200 Extra Prize Money at NO Extra Cost

Treble Chance Teaser, Early, Main and Late session

Main Session Pays 10 x £20/£30/£300


Tuesday Evening 10th April

Bargain Session

Just £6 for All Your Books Excluding Americano

Main Session Paying 6 x £100 and 4 x £250 Houses

Teaser, Early and Late 3 X £10/£50


Thursday Evening 12th April

Buddy Bingo

Everyone in the hall will have a buddy, if your buddy wins you do too!

That’s an Extra £500 in Prize 10 Extra Winners No Extra Cost


Monday Evening 16th April

Castle Value Session

Just £2.50 will buy your Teaser, Early Main and Late session with the Teaser, Early and Late all paying out £10 lines £15 2 lines and £30 full houses

The main book will pay out £20 lines £30 2 lines and £100 houses 1st half and £20 lines £30 2 lines and £250 houses 2nd half


Thursday Evening 19th April

10 Page Special Accumulator

£14 for All Your Bingo (excluding late)

Main Session Paying £100/£150/£200/£250/£300/£350/£400/£450/£500/£600 Houses


Wednesday Evening 25th April

½ Price in-house books 100% Prize Money

The Teaser, Early, Main and Late will Cost Just £5.50 with 100% Prize Money Throughout

The Main Session Pays 6 x £10/£20/£100 and 4 x £30/£50/£300


Sunday Evening 29th April

£3000 Free Link at 5pm followed by our Hit for Six Session

£17 for All your Bingo (excluding lates)

Main Session pays 6 x £400 and 4 x £600 Houses


Monday Evening  30th April

All Winners Session

Bring your All Winners Voucher along with you to redeem your Free main Session Book or an Extra Set on eCUB



All Books only £5 (exc. National)

4 x £100 2nd Half Houses.


It’s BACK!!! Treble Chance!!

Treble chance on Early & Mains!

£12 (excludes Xtra & Americano)

3x £50 Teaser £1

3x £10/£15/£75 Early £1

6x £10/£15/£100 & 4x £20/£30/£300 Mains £6

3x £50 Lates £1


Club opens at 10am

£5 for your Breakfast Bingo

Breakfast Bingo only on 1st Tuesday of the month with 8 x £10/£50


Treble Chance Session

£10 all in Teaser £10/£15/£20,

Early £10/£15/£20

Lates £10/£15/£20

Main Pays 6x £10/£15/£50  &  4x £10/£15/£100


£9 All In*

4 x £250 Houses

*Optional Extra – Americano 50p


Win-Win Wednesdays!

only £13!!

Treble Chance

6 x £10 / £15 / £50

4 x £10 / £15 / £100

That’s 64 chances to win!

*optional extras available


£14 All in

Treble chance Evening

60 chances to win

£75 houses Early & Lates

Main session 6 x £100

4 x £300

*optional extras available


£11 including Late Session

10 x £100 Main Session Houses


Only £13.50

3x £50 / £50 Teaser, Early & Late Sessions

6x £100 / £100 & 4x £200 / £200 Main Session

*optional extras Castle Xtra £1 and Americano 50p


Club opens at 10am

£5 for your Breakfast Bingo


Fabulous Fridays!

All your Bingo for £12.50

Treble chance with 6 x £50 & 4 x £100 Houses

That’s 64 chances to win!

*optional extras available


 It’s a BIG Money Main session

£13 (exc Extra)

BIG Money Mains 10 x £300


Club opens at 10am

£5 for your Breakfast Bingo


Sensational Saturdays!

£14.50 for all your Bingo

6 x £20 / £100 Houses

4 x £30 / £250 Houses

*optional extras available


Conquer the Christmas Castle

£10 (exc Castle Xtra & Americano)

3x £300 & 1x £450

Extra prizes, call on 50 numbers or less to open a door to WIN between £50 – £500


£11 all in

 4 x £100 – 2nd Half Houses

3 x £50 Houses on the Late Session

*optional extras available


Reduced cost…. Same GREAT prize money

£15 Teaser – Lates (£4 saving)

10x £400 Mains

*optional extras Americano 50p & Xtra £1

Session Times

Weekday Afternoons
12.15Linked Mini Cash
12.30Teaser Session
1.00Early Session
1.15Linked Mini Cash
1.30Main Session
2.05Linked Mini Cash
2.30National Live
2.35Main Session (2nd half)
3.15Late Session
Weekend Afternoons
12.45Linked Mini Cash
1.00Teaser Session
1.30Early Session
1.45Linked Mini Cash
2.00Main Session
2.30National Live
2.55Main Session (2nd half)
3.30Late Session
Every Evening
5.30Linked Mini Cash
6.00Teaser Session
6.30Linked Mini Cash
6.45Early Session
7.10Linked Mini Cash
7.30Main Session
8.10Linked Mini Cash
8.30National Live
8.35Main Session (2nd half)
9.15Linked Mini Cash
9.20Late Session
9.35Evening CashPot


We are proud to offer our members the very best in bingo technology!

Instead of marking numbers on a paper ticket, you can use a digital pen to tap numbers off or use the ‘Auto Dab’ feature on a digital, hand-held ‘eCUB.’

This method couldn’t be more straight-forward; it’s perfect for beginners and experienced alike. You can buy your bingo books, play slots and play mini-cash games all from your eCUB!

With an eCUB you can play multiple tickets at any one time – giving you even more chances to win! Playing Gaming Machines is super easy and super fun on the eCUB. You can play for as little as 10p whilst you can win up to £500!

Still not sure how to use an eCUB? Then ask a member of staff in club who will be pleased to help you.

Food & Drinks Menu

Food and Drinks 
Main Meals£3.30
Premier Meals£3.80
Meal Deals£4.50
Coffee BarFrom £0.60
DraughtsFrom £2.10
Soft DrinksFrom £0.80

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