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Castle Bingo Neath first opened in 2003 and has become an important part of the local community. The staff extend a warm welcome to all visitors of this cosy club. Members are offered the very best in bingo technology and amenities. Nicole is thrilled to take the helm as General Manager here at Neath.

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July Promotions


Saturday in July

Free National Game every Saturday Afternoon and evening in July (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th)


£13 all books with £50 houses on Teaser, Early & Lates and 6x £100 & 4x £250 Mains!


Just £8 for all your books with treble chance Mains paying 6x £100, 3 x £300 & 1x £450

Plus we are bringing you even MORE great sessions on Saturday evenings:

Saturday Eve 9th

WOW just £5 for all your books with same GREAT prize money 6x £100, 3x £300 & 1x £450 Mains

Saturday Eve 16th

Just £8 all books with increased prize money… Mains paying 6x £100 & 4x £500!

Tuesday 5th July

It’s Club Diamond! Doors open at 10am for our fantastic breakfast session.

£5 for 8 pages of bingo, with 8x £50, FREE gift, hot drink and biscuits and live entertainment for you to enjoy.

Now that’s a reason to get out of bed early!!

Afternoon session

£5 all books (1/2 price) with Mains paying 4x £100

Evening session

‘Pretty Nifty for £7.50’. All your books from Teaser to Lates for just £7.50! Same great prize money 6x £100 & 4x £300 Main

Friday Afternoon  8th July

Leanne’s Lucky Session!

£13 all books – Treble chance on all books, with Mains paying out 10x £100 houses at NO extra cost!

Friday 15th – Sunday 17th It’s our Summer Fizz Weekend…. Come and enjoy a weekend of Fun!!

Friday 15th

BIG VALUE afternoon and evening sessions!

Afternoon session £10 (£3 saving) – treble chance on all books with 6x £50 & 4x £100 Mains

Evening session £10 (£3 saving) – 3x £75 on Early and 6x £200 & 4x £250 Mains

Saturday 16th

Afternoon - £13 with £50 houses on Teaser, Early & Late and 6x £100 & 4x £250 Mains

Evening - £8 with Mains paying 6x £100 & 4x £500 (increased prize money, NO extra cost)

Sunday 17th

Afternoon - £5 in house books with Mains paying 6x £50 & 4x £100

Evening - £15 session (£5 saving) with BIG Money Main session paying 10x £20/£40/£400

Tuesday 19th

Doors open 10am for our Mid Month Morning Madness Breakfast session. £5 for 8 pages of bingo, with 8x £50 houses a FREE sausage in bap and hot drink.

Plus if you play the breakfast session we will give you a FREE Main session for the afternoon session saving you £4.50!

Wednesday 20th

It’s WICKED Wednesday!

Afternoon session is £10 (£3.50 saving) – treble chance on all books with 6x £50 & 4x £100

Evening session is £10 (£5 saving) – treble chance on all books with 6x £100 & 4x £300

Tuesday 26th – It’s our ‘All Winners’ Day

If you have been lucky enough to have had a WIN during the last month, bring your all winners voucher to receive a FREE Mains Aft or Eve.

£4.50 saving in aft with 4x £100 Mains

£5 saving in eve with 4x £300 Mains

Wednesday Aft 27th

Increased prize money at NO extra cost… £13.50 with treble chance on all books and 10x £100 Mains

Friday Evening 29th July

It’s ‘EVEN STEVENS’ on your Main session… £13 all books - 6x £100/£100 & 4x £200/£200 Mains

Saturday 30th

It’s a BIG Breakfast session… £5 for 8 pages of bingo with 8x £50 houses

Sunday 31st

It’s SUPER Sunday

Afternoon - £10 all books with 10x £100 Mains (reduced cost, increased prize money)

Evening – Even BIGGER Money Main session with 10x £500 at NO extra cost


Finding your nearest Castle Bingo club is easy! You will find our location on the map to the right or you can get in contact via our details below.


Briton Ferry Road


SA11 1AS


01639 622880


01639 622900