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General Manager - Jason Harries

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This club was opened in March 1993 and is renowned for its social atmosphere. It is also rewarding - with members winning over £4 million to date on the National Bingo Game. Many of Morriston’s visitors travel from as far as West Wales to play at their favourite bingo club. Jason is Castle’s longest serving General Manager.

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Super Saturday 1st August sees the launch of our new look Saturday afternoons - Just £15 for all Afternoons Bingo with an Amazing 10 Chances to win £200 on the Main Session – and for Saturday 1st only all 10 pages are paying out a Massive £200 Houses!!!

Saturday Evening Just £10 All Bingo - Treble Chance Main Session Second half houses paying out an amazing £500 Houses!!!

Monday Afternoon 3rd August - Super £6 Session - Main session paying out 10 x £100 Houses!!! WOW!!! Don't Miss Out!!! (Excludes Cashpot flyer)

Wednesday Morning 5th - Golden Years Morning, doors open at 10am, Cabaret on stage from 10:15am, FREE Gift to all players FREE Hot Drink, and FREE Biscuits to all players. All Bingo just £4 with fantastic prize money on offer!!!!

Wednesday Evening 5th - Just £4.50 for all In House Books - only optional extra's are the Link and National Flyers second half houses paying out a whopping £300 Houses!!!

Thursdays throughout August are thoroughly thrilling! - the best value bingo around....... Breakfast Bingo just £2.50!! Just £5 for All In House Books in the afternoons and Just £5 for All In house Books in the Evening!!!

Only optional extras are the Link, National, and Cashpot Links All Day!!!!

AMAZING........... 10 x £100 Houses paid out on the afternoon Main Session, 4 x £300 Houses paid out on the Evening Main Session - Yes that is right AMAZING Value!!!

Tuesday 11th - Super Value Day! Breakfast Bingo Just £2.50 - Afternoon Just £5 For all afternoon bingo.... 4 x £100 Houses on the Main Session.

Evening Session £5 Off - All your Evening Bingo for just £8 Super Accumulator second half houses paying out £250, £300, £350, £400!!

Monday Evening 17th - Golden £1 session - Just £12 for all bingo

Teaser, Early, and Late Session paying out no less than £100 Houses.

First half Main session paying out 7 x £150 houses and second half houses paying out 4 x £600 Houses.

Tuesday 18th - All Winners Day - Redeem your winning vouchers from the month and receive a FREE Main session on either the afternoon session or the Evening session.

Wednesday Morning 19th - Mid Month Morning Madness -  doors open at 10am, FREE Gift to all players FREE Hot Drink and FREE Sausage Buttie. All Bingo just £4 with fantastic prize money on offer!!!!

Noah’s Ark Sunday Afternoon 23rd. £13.50 Loads of fun! Double Money on Main session!

Wednesday Evening 26th - Double Second half houses for no extra cost........ Still just £11 All Bingo - 4 x £600 Houses!!!

The BIG BOOST weekend Starting Friday 28th:

Friday Afternoon Just £6 All Bingo - FREE Meal and BUBBLY!! 4 x £100 Houses

Friday Evening Just £10 a Massive £4 off the normal cost 11 chances to win an amazing £300 Houses on the Main Session.

Super Saturday starts with Big Breakfast Session No Extra cost 8 x £100 Houses

Afternoon Session Just £10 with 4 chances to win an Amazing £300 Houses

Evening Session Just £10 All Bingo, FREE Meal, FREE BUBBLY and 4 chances to win an    Amazing £300 Houses!!!

To End the Weekend in style Our Amazing Last Sunday of the Month - Afternoon Session just £10 All Bingo, 10 Main Session Houses paying out a whopping £100!

FREE 3 page Link played at 5pm for £3000 in prize money - Don't Be Late........

Evening Session Just £10 All Bingo - With an Astonishing 4 chances to win £1000 WOW!!!

Finding your nearest Castle Bingo club is easy! You will find our location on the map to the right or you can get in contact via our details below.


41 Clase Road





01792 772211


01792 610180