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General Manager - Steve Hamley-Lock

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Staff and members come together in this tight-knit community club to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Merthyr is proud to be a ‘club of firsts,’ – it is the home of the world’s first £1m bingo winner and the UK’s first £10,000 link mini cash winner! Steve has worked at five of our South Wales clubs and is thoroughly enjoying his first General Manager position here at Merthyr Tydfil.

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£7 all in sessions:
Mon 3rd, Tue 11th, Mon 17th, Tue 18th and Tue 25th.
All books cost just £7 and all main session houses pay £50

Wedenesday Eve 12th
£3.50 In-house books
Flyers optional extra
7x £100 & 4x £250

Friday Aft 14th
Super Treble Chance
Main Session £10 lines, £20 2 lines, £100 houses

Wednesday Aft 19th
£2 Main Session book
6x £50 & 4x £100

Thursday Eve 20th
Golden Pound
£13.50 Main & Flyers
All main book pages pay £20/ £30/ £300
Thats £1400 extra prize money for just £1

Friday Eve 21st
National Cash Winners Party
£13.50 (excluding Lates and americano)
7x £150 & 4x £500
Complimentary Meal and bubbly

Monday Aft 24th
Even Stevens
£10 for Main & Flyers
1st half £50 Lines and Houses
2nd half £100 Lines & Houses

Wednesday Eve 26th
'Its to good to be true' National Party!
£2 Main book
1st half £100 houses
2nd half £250 houses

Complimentary meal and bubbly to all

Thursday Aft 27th
Pick a Box!!
10 randomly selected members will pick a box
Top prize of £100

Saturday Eve 29th
'Carry on calling'
For every main session house winner we will go on to find another house winner
for the same prize money!!!
Main session pays 21x £100 & 12x £200











Finding your nearest Castle Bingo club is easy! You will find our location on the map to the right or you can get in contact via our details below.


Plymouth Street

Merthyr Tydfil

CF47 0TP


01685 374422


01685 371163