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General Manager - Steve Hamley-Lock

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Staff and members come together in this tight-knit community club to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Merthyr is proud to be a ‘club of firsts,’ – it is the home of the world’s first £1m bingo winner and the UK’s first £10,000 link mini cash winner! Steve has worked at five of our South Wales clubs and is thoroughly enjoying his first General Manager position here at Merthyr Tydfil.

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1st March

Play the 8.30pm National Live Linked Mini Cash Game
with a guaranteed prize of £50,000!!! Just £1 to play

Sunday 15th March

Celebrate Mothers Day with us Free Meal to All, Box of Thorntons Chocolates to all the Ladies

FREE flowers to all the ladies.

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Afternoons In March

Your £7 all in sessions are 3rd, 9th, 16th, 17th, 23rd and 31st March. All your books cost just £7 and all the main session houses pay out £50.


It’s our super treble chance session Friday afternoon 6th March. All main session pages will pay £10 lines £20 2 lines and £100 houses for no extra cost.


It’s our £2 good to be true Wednesday afternoon 11th March. £2 will buy your main session book with the main paying 6 x £50 and 4 x £100 houses.


Mothering Sunday afternoon 15th March. £10.50 will but all your books, there will be complimentary Sunday lunch and free box of Thortons chocolates to all our female members attending.


It’s pick a box Thursday afternoon 19th March. 10 randomly selected members will pick a box where they could win anything from £100 to a tin of beans.


Tuesday Afternoon 24th March it’s our special one off even stevens afternoon. £10 for the main and flyers with £50 lines and houses 1st half and £100 lines and houses 2nd half at no extra cost.

Evenings In March

It’s pretty nifty for £3.50 Wednesday evening 4th March. £3.50 will buy your books with the flyers as optional extras. The main session will pay 7 x £100 and 4 x £250.


Saturday evening 7th March, your main session book is ½ with 100% prize money. The main session will pay out £100 lines and houses 1st half and £200 lines and houses 2nd half.


It’s pick a box Tuesday evening 10th March. 10 randomly selected members will pick a box where they could win anything from £200 to a tin of beans.


It’s Freaky Friday part 2, Friday evening 13th March. Just £13 will buy all your books (excluding americana and cashpot) with the Castle flyer and second half of the main session book paying £66 lines and £666 houses.


Mothering Sunday evening 15th March. £15 all in (excluding lates) 7 x £200 1st half and 4 x £500 2nd half plus a free potted rose to all female members attending.  


It’s our Too Good To Be True session, Wednesday evening 18th March. Just £2 will buy your main book with £100 houses first half and £250 houses 2nd half.


Saturday evening 21st March, it’s our “Lucky Duck session” with 22 chances to win £200 on the main session book at no extra cost.


Twingo Tuesday evening 24th March. All players will be twinned with another random player and if you win so does your twin. The main session prize money will remain the same with the second half accumulator paying out £200, £400, £600 and £800 houses. All main session house winning twins will £50 1st half and £100 2nd half.


5pm free link Sunday evening 29th March. 3 pages of linked bingo paying out £3000 worth of prize absolutely free. It’s just £15 for all your bingo (excluding lates) with the main book paying out 7 x £200 houses and 4 x £500 houses.

Finding your nearest Castle Bingo club is easy! You will find our location on the map to the right or you can get in contact via our details below.


Plymouth Street

Merthyr Tydfil

CF47 0TP


01685 374422


01685 371163