Castle Bingo FAQ's

How much money could I win?

We always have fantastic prize money in our clubs! The biggest prize money for in-house games can be won on the Main Session game where full houses can be up to £1,000!  The National game and C45TLE Jackpot are played every day - these are big money games that could see you take home thousands of pounds!

What time does Bingo start?

Every day we hold an afternoon session and a morning session. See more about bingo times here. 

How much is it to play?

Prices to play vary every day in each club. View your club's page or give us a ring at reception to get a better idea of each club's prices! Keep your eyes peeled for Free Sessions and Special offers!

Do I have to play every game?

You do not have to play every game in a session. You can arrive and leave any time you like and only pay for the certain books you want to play! Click here to find out about interval games and Special Flyers.

How do I play electronic bingo?

There is usually a separate queue at Booksales for those who wish to play electronic bingo on our Castle eCUB units. These cost a little more and give you more chances to win! You can play interval mini-cash bingo and gaming machines from the comfort of your eCUB. Click here to find out more!

How do I play online?

Click here to sign up online and start playing today!

How old do I need to be to become a member?

18 but if you look under 21 you will be asked for photographic ID

Is there a bar?

We have a fully stocked, competitively priced bar open everyday


Is there food available?

Yes! We have a fabulous selection of home cooked food available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! We also have the best range of cakes and desserts too!


Do you have a car park?

All our clubs have car parking facilities. Please note that some clubs share their car park with other local businesses.